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132 Warrior Cats Challenge
1 3 2 - W A R R IO R - C A T S - C H A L L E N G E
SO, I have been seeing multiple '100 Warrior Cats Challenge' lists going around DeviantArt and Tumblr, but as I started my adventure, I noticed a lot of my favorite characters weren't listed! SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU, here is a list of the top 132 Warrior Cats in the series!
There is 132 because it was extremely hard to narrow down the list after adding in Dawn of the Clans
1. Firestar
2. Bluestar
3. Pinestar
4. Bramblestar
5. Tallstar
6. Onestar
7. Brokenstar
8. Tigerstar
9. Blackstar
10. Rowanstar
11. Crookedstar
12. Leopardstar
13. Mistystar
14. Thunder / Thunderstar
15. River Ripple / Riverstar
16. Clear Sky / Skystar
17. Wind Runner / Windstar
18. Tall Shadow / Shadowstar
19. Leafstar
20. Goosefeather
21. Featherwhisker
22. Spottedleaf
23. Yellowfang
24. Cinderpelt
25. Leafpool
26. Jayfeather
27. Alderheart
28. Mothflight
29. Barkface
30. Krestelflight
31. Pebbleheart
32. Runningnose
33. Littlecloud
34. Fla
:iconraven-kane:Raven-Kane 5 22
1,000 Watcher Raffle!!!
It just turns out, that I have 999 watchers at the moment
I mean, HOLY FLIPPEN FISHESExcited Arthur 
Thank you so much you guys!Hug 
As a thank you to everyone who has supported me, I decided to do my first RAFFLE!!
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:iconwoofydragoncat68:WoofyDragoncat68 28 30
Contest: design of fantasy animal! (win $50)
Contest is over! Here are the results: Contest - results!
EDIT: I decided to extend the contest to 07.01.2017. At the end of the year I leave for a few days and at this time I'll not be able to announce the results. That's why you have an extra week for sending your works! :3

Hello everyone!
From some time I want to organize a contest. So here we go! (:
Pssst... If you could share it in your journal or something, it would be great (if there is not enough participants, there will be no fun)! Cookie for you!
I really love to create new designs as well as watching the creations of other people. And this will be your task in this contest. Create AN UNIQUE design of fantasy creature! It can be a canine, feline, dragon, gryphon etc. Just choose your favourite and draw it! (:
But first here are some rules that you have to read...
:bulletblack: No anthro. No humanoids. 
:bulletblack: The character have to be
:iconnoxeri:Noxeri 175 462
Tutorial- How to create the paint by Johan-N Tutorial- How to create the paint :iconjohan-n:Johan-N 761 122
Find your way around DA #5: Coloring and Shading
In a previous journal we had a look at color theory (Find your way around DA #3: Color Theory). But once you've figured out what colors to use you realize you've barely started. You have to figure out where to place your shadows and light, and what is the best way to add the colors to your canvas?
In this journal I've collected tutorials and references that cover these subjects. This list is not complete! There are so many tutorials on DA, especially for coloring, it would be almost impossible for me to list them all. When an artist has multiple coloring tutorials I've usually picked only one or two, so be sure to check out their galleries! You will notice that there are almost as many different techniques as there are artists. There is no 'one right way'. Try a few, find something that works for you, and then make it your own ^^
- As usual I've tried to seperate starter and more advanced tutorials, but I must admit the divisin is some
:iconiduna-haya:Iduna-Haya 123 12
Snow Hunt by sandara Snow Hunt :iconsandara:sandara 6,038 169 Pink Eyed Fairy by Chiakiro Pink Eyed Fairy :iconchiakiro:Chiakiro 1,223 73 How to paint a spotted dog-PS tutorial by Johan-N How to paint a spotted dog-PS tutorial :iconjohan-n:Johan-N 903 68 Rifle dog Wild genes by Johan-N Rifle dog Wild genes :iconjohan-n:Johan-N 301 69 Best in show-GSD part 2 by Johan-N Best in show-GSD part 2 :iconjohan-n:Johan-N 113 16


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[Home RP] Loes : Loner/Bane : Female
Basic ::
Name :: Loes (pronounced: "lose",
Age :: 5 years
Year of Birth :: 549, Year of the Sun
Gender :: Female
Sexuality :: Pansexual
Breed :: Petite Jaro
Fertility :: 76%

Design Approval ::…
Slot Used :: 2

Affiliation ::
Group :: Nomad
Profession :: Bane
Home Province :: Thearyn

Family ::
Sire :: Evander [deceased]
Dam :: Maud [deceased]
Siblings :: Mark [unknown], Ronne [unknown]

Mate :: None (Previously Dan)
Love Interest :: None
Offspring :: Loes x Dan: 
Female: Arin [unknown], Eva [unknown]
Male: Benji [unknown]

Appearance ::
Phenotype :: Red sable with merle gazelle mask, saddle, undersides, reverse dhole tail and falllow stripe
Genotype :: 
AsAs Bb CC DD EmG kk Mm Fs TdR
Eye Color ::
Blue and Brown (heterochromia)
Build ::
Height :: 42 cm 

Additional Details :: Fur between shoulders always stands upright.
Scars: Right side: One long scar along her flank, two scars on her face, one on her hind leg
Left side: Four on her shoulder, two on her hip, one on her lip, one over her nose, one on her ear

Personality ::
Likes :: running, hunting, snow, swimming, her family
Dislikes :: being betrayed, having to use strength, night beasts, bears, losing her friends
Strengths :: speed, not easily manipulated, wits, loyal when formed a good bond with, determined
Weaknesses :: strength, having social contacts, not very trusting, can do immoral things, can be insensitive

Personality :: Loes is generally a happy dog, though she can also be very vicious when the need arises. She is able to do anything if she wants, also if that means killing. However, she won't do harm to anyone that hasn't harmed her or those she cares about. She will oftentimes be friendly on the outside, though she will always be suspicious of anyone she meets until she knows them very well. The only ones she fully trusts are her siblings, now lost to her, and her parents when she was still with them. She will always be wary and ready to defend herself, even when she thinks she's alone, since she realises that she can always be ambushed. She relies most heavily on her speed, knowing that she won't be strong enough to attack most enemies, however, when that fails she has a nasty bite. Otherwise, Loes will often try to use her smarts to get out of a situation.

While Loes likes being alone, she doesn't mind some company, especially in this strange land, where everything can be suspicious - however, due to her own suspicious nature she will find it hard to warm up to someone. When that has happened, though, you'll find a loyal friend in her, who will try anything to keep you safe. While she can get attached, however, she doesn't care to drop you if you do something not to her liking.

When speaking, Loes often likes being sassy, or playing tricks on others. She will often joke around, even in a serious conversation, which tends to annoy many people. She will, however, adjust her attitude if she finds that she has to.

Attributes ::
Strength :: 5/50 [Basic Cap]
Stamina :: 5/100 [Medium Cap]
Agility :: 10/200
Wisdom :: 10/200
Exploration :: 10/200

+ 10 Agility :: Starter Points
+ 10 Wisdom :: Starter Points
+ 10 Exploration :: Starter Points
+ 5 Strength :: Reference Bonus
+ 5 Stamina :: Reference Bonus

Backstory ::

As a loyal hunter and general kind and handsome dog, Evander was an honoured member of his nomadic pack. He always did his duties as he should, and had many admirers. When he did fall in love, however, it was not with any of the ladies in his pack, but with an outsider: one lone dog called Maud that had followed the pack occasionally. At first she wouldn't know anything of him, but after a while he was able to persuade her to join the pack. While she took her time to get used to living with other dogs, she always enjoyed spending time with Evander, and eventually she gave birth to three healthy pups. They were cared for by all the pack, but of course, nothing could ever remain that perfect.

When Evander, Maud, and their pups were out, with Maud teaching her children everything she knew about the several plants they encountered, there was suddenly an alarming howl, and before they could hurry back to their companions, the deed had been done. They returned to see some dogs killed, others easily overpowered by their bigger attackers. Before they could be seen by the bigger dogs, the small family hurried away, unable to do anything to save their pack.

They wandered for months, while the pups grew bigger. Ronne was strong and quiet, Mark was agile and kind, and Loes was speedy and loud-mouthed. They quickly formed a tight bond, one that was going to make sure that nothing could come between them, and they would always defend each other. To the death, if needed.

While death didn't come for them, it unfortunately did for their parents. When the pups were one year old, a bear had found the place where they temporarily made camp. They all fought bravely, but Evander got hit in an unfortunate place, and passed away almost immediately. Eventually the others were able to flee, but not without the necessary scars. One wound on Maud's leg refused to heal, and when it started getting colder, the siblings were forced to leave her behind.

A year long they wandered, not getting closer to other dogs than necessary. One day Loes, however, got a little bit too close to the borders of a nearby pack, and her recklessness caused her to be caught by a male. A particularly handsome male, at that. She used her intelligence to get out of the situation, and hurried back to her brothers.

A while later, she noticed that she was getting much slower than usual. They were forced to stop travelling, and she realised that the inevitable had happened. With the help of her brothers, she delivered three puppies two months later. Arin and Eva, both females, and Benji, a male. They were raised well, and grew strong quickly, with three adult dogs to hunt for them - but soon she realised that her pups were better off in a pack, instead of with this incertain nomadic life, where they could get attacked every time. Without telling anyone, Loes left her pups near the border of the territory of their father's pack, and only remained there long enough to see that they were, indeed, taken in by him. Fortunately, Arin looked enough like him for him to realise what had happened. As soon as Loes knew they were safe, she hurried away and continued travelling with her siblings, trying to forget her pups.

They continued like that for a few years, until one day they woke up in a strange land, where everything was darker, colder, and more dangerous. The first night they realised that the world was even more dangerous than they had thought, with dangerous beasts attacking them as soon as the sun had set. The trio got separated in the chaos, and Loes only found a place to rest when it was already dawn. She remained lingering on the place where they had separated for a long time, especially when she realised that fire would keep the beasts at bay. She didn't care how cold it was, or how little food she could catch in the cold tundra: she would remain there, until she would find her brothers, or something else would happen that would force her to leave. 

[Home RP] Enyo : Undertaker : Female
Name: Enyo (E-ni-o)
Age: 1 year
Year of Birth: 553, Year of the Moon
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Undecided
Breed: Norse Bulldog
Fertility: 20%
Design Approval:…

Group: Meteor Tribe
Profession: Undertaker

Sire: Aison (npc)
Dam: Hemera (npc)
Siblings: Yrsa (half-sibling, JatoWhitz )

Mate: None
Love Interest: None
Offspring: None

Phenotype: Isabella with tan points, masked, light white spotting and ticking
Genotype: AtAt bb Cce dd EmE Ssp Tt
Eye colour: Pale amber
Build: Stocky
Additional Details: Meteor Paint

- Personality-
Likes: Girls, flowers, wrestling, learning about new things
Dislikes: Her parents, running, people who'll easily judge others without knowing them, her half-sister
Strengths: Pretty strong, quick to learn, does her best not to judge people, a generally nice personality
Weaknesses: Hard to make friends, slow, out of breath quickly, tends to get jealous easily
Personality: Enyo is a quiet female, who likes to keep to herself. She can perfectly amuse herself with only her thoughts. She is very curious, her job giving her the chance to get to know more about death and ways to kill others, which fascinates her. She also likes to explore, though due to her being a female she hardly gets the chance to. She may have dreamed of travelling away from the Meteor Tribe once, but she has decided that living here is not so bad, and she will remain loyal to the Tribe. She doesn't complain out loudly, not willing to stir up conflicts, though she doesn't agree with everything that happens. While she is quiet and distant, she will be friendly to others unless she has her reasons not to, as with Yrsa. If she dislikes someone, she can become an unpleasant dog to be around, often resorting to passive aggressive ways to show the other she doesn't like them, or nasty comments. Fortunately that doesn't happen with many other dogs. She unfortunately tends to get jealous easily, especially with dogs who get lots of positive attention, and she longs for someone to do the same to her. To this day, she hasn't found that, however, her only relations being with her father, who spends more time with Yrsa in her eyes, her mother, who tends to look at Enyo with disappointment, and Yrsa herself, whom she doesn't get along with.

Strength: 7/200
Stamina: 2/100 [medium cap]
Agility: 2/50 [basic cap]
Wisdom: 6/200
Exploration: 3/200

+ 4 Strength: Starter Points
+ 1 Agility: Starter Points
+ 3 Wisdom: Starter Points
+ 2 Exploration: Starter Points
+ 3 Strength: Reference Bonus
+ 2 Stamina: Reference Bonus
+ 1 Agility: Reference Bonus
+ 3 Wisdom: Reference Bonus
+ 1 Exploration: Reference Bonus

Weapons: None
Armour: None
Accessories: None
Resources: None

History: Enyo was born to her mother Hemera, a simple Caretaker, and her father Aison, a Sentinel. Around the time she was born there was another litter, shockingly between her father and another female. Enyo's mother was immediately repulsed, and stopped all contact with Aison. She raised Enyo well, but couldn't help but to look at her with scorn and disappointment, reminded of her father each time she saw the pup, who carried his colours. Enyo grew up to be jealous of the other pups, who did have someone who looked at them with a normal gaze or even lovingly - even the pups who didn't have a mother anymore. This was also the main cause of her contempt towards Yrsa, her half-sister. While she grew up she would keep to herself, both jealous of the fact that they did get the affection they wanted and because she didn't have enough confidence to approach them and make friends. Instead, she focused on playing alone and getting stronger, admiring her father's strength. Of course, with her being a pup still, that didn't mean much, but it was a way for her to spend her time, and she was grateful for that Besides, she hoped that Aison would notice her and play with her for once, instead of with Yrsa. The caretakers never had much trouble with her, as she was a quiet pup who didn't cause much trouble. As she got older, she got more and more distant from her parents, disliking her mother for being upset with her without reason, and blaming her father for being the cause of her misfortune. She now barely acknowledges their existence, though she can't help but to look each time Aison interacts with Yrsa. Though this has left her bitter, she has decided that she won't treat others the way she was treated, and will treat everyone with the proper respect she believes they deserve. Now, without having been proven to be fertile, she serves as an undertaker. She grew into the job, and she doesn't mind cleaning up the bodies. Somehow, she has become curious about the several fatal wounds the bodies show, and as such, she has some knowledge about how to make a good kill. She is unsure whether she will ever put that skill to use, but it wouldn't hurt knowing how to defend herself.
Leader of CaveClan, cute oriental longhair-ish albino cat.
Tried a new shading style this time, hope you like it!! 

Clan: CaveClan
Rank: Leader
Kit: unknown
Apprentice: unknown
Warrior: unknown
Deputy: unknown
Leader: Pebblestar
Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Mate: Hawkstar (previously), Nightstripe
Kits: Falloweye, Feathershade
Grandchildren: Ripplekit, Stoatpaw, Petalpaw 
Mentor: unknown
Apprentices: unknown 

Genotype: AA bb1 caca dd dmdm ll McMc OY Ss ww RR 
Come watch my stream on

Never mind! My computer doesn't want to work

As you may have noticed lately, I've not uploaded a new comic page in a while. 
The reason for that is that I have started university in august/september, and I have only been busy with my homework for the entire week. Only sometimes I could get some free time, during which I usually drew entries for the contests I was or am participating in. I still have some entries to finish, and some references of characters to draw for others, on top of having exams the following two weeks. Perhaps I'll have time to do something after Thursday the 27th, but I still have to see about that.
Either way, to make a long story short: I don't have time for the comic right now, and until I get used to the amount of homework and find a good schedule, it will remain as such (with the exceptions of a few days, which I will mostly use to do other things, but I might occasionally find the time to draw a page!). 

I hope you'll all understand and that you will continue to wait until I have a bit more time! 


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Full-body shaded + background
Aristos by TheAwesomeTomato Earum for Sorren-The-God by TheAwesomeTomato 
Full-body colour + shading
Oakstar by TheAwesomeTomato Alva~ by TheAwesomeTomato 
Full-body coloured
Heavystar by TheAwesomeTomato Lightcloud ref by TheAwesomeTomato 
Full-body lineart
Full lineart by TheAwesomeTomato 
Shaded + Background (Bust)
Coloured and shaded bust with background
Coloured and Shaded (Bust)
Headshot Shading by TheAwesomeTomato Thornblaze by TheAwesomeTomato 
Flat Colours (Bust)
Flat Colours (Bust) 
Lineart (Bust)
Lineart (Bust) 


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